Exploring Gorgonomics: Ancestral Curses & Sexual Entities

This Sat­ur­day, May 27th, I will be meet­ing with a small band of intre­pid souls to explore, one step at a time, this ancient mine­field of human sex­u­al­i­ty. Our spe­cif­ic focus will be on “Big Moth­er”—the inter­nal­ized Gor­gon-image of the destruc­tive, trau­ma­tized, uncon­tained fem­i­nine, and how it crip­ples and oppress­es every last man, woman, and child on the planet.
Since the Ser­pent first slid between Eve’s legs and slimed Adam’s sch­long, the War of the Sex­es has raged eter­nal and infer­nal. Ever since your prog­en­i­tor Cain had a hissy-fit and dis-Abel-ed every man, woman, and child who came after him, one way or anoth­er, you’ve been car­ry­ing that tox­ic ances­tral load.

Some­thing is miss­ing from your life (it’s called Soul); and since Nature abhors a vac­u­um, some­thing tru­ly abhor­rent has filled that Void.

Whether you are an invol­un­tary celi­bate, a sex addict, or a respon­si­ble spouse grim­ly resigned to a life of pre­ma­ture pas­ture, for­ev­er con­tem­plat­ing green­er grass­es that nev­er were, you know, in your blood and bones, that some­thing has gone hor­ri­bly wrong. Deep in the past, car­ried for­ward in your cells, that orig­i­nal split exists in you, as a ter­ri­ble schism between your heart and gen­i­tals, your body and your mind, your mind and your soul: a bot­tom­less gulf in which a legion of foul birds have made their nest.
Sign up for the Sat meet, if you dare, by send­ing pay­ment (15 euro) to Jasun[at]protonmail.com on Pay­pal (being sure to stip­u­late “fam­i­ly and friends” option to avoid fees), or to Wise, at theseedling[at]protonmail.com. If it is your first time meet­ing me, email first to intro­duce yourself.
Time: 1:30 pm Cen­tral Europe time, 12:30 pm UK, 7:30 am ET, 4:30 am PT, 9:30 pm Syd­ney time
Price: 15 euro.
72 hrs sobri­ety and absti­nence from pornog­ra­phy required for attendance.

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