How to Contribute to Land Made Man

To ven­ture behind the Pay-or-Play Wall and access spe­cial con­tent requires becom­ing an active con­trib­u­tor at Land Made Man. This is done either by play­ing or pay­ing, or both. 

Con­trib­u­tors-only con­tent includes record­ed excerpts from online events, Jasun’s solo pod­cast out­ings and walk­ing audios, occa­sion­al videos, con­trib­u­tors-only newslet­ters, & the oppor­tu­ni­ty to request cus­tomized con­tent (by send­ing me ques­tions, sub­jects, or mate­r­i­al you would like me to com­ment on in a future podcast).

For access to spe­cial con­tent of one month or more:

To Play: Arrange a 1:1 con­sul­ta­tion with me (either paid, or free and then made avail­able to oth­er con­trib­u­tors) or par­tic­i­pate in Dave Oshana online events (and let me know you have done so).

To Pay: Make one-time-only or recur­ring pay­ment of (min­i­mum) 5.55 euro via trans­fer to Wise (email me for details) or Pay­pal (you will have an option to choose amount and whether to make it recurring)

All remain­ing paper­backs of 16 Maps of Hell are now gone. Dona­tions of 700 euro or more to the Land Made Man inten­tion­al com­mu­ni­ty project will receive one of 4 remain­ing hard­back copies (this fig­ure will go up as stocks diminish).