Goodbye Cruel World (Welcome to Land Made Life)

Back when I still used Face­borg, I was so divid­ed that every oth­er post I made was about how crap Face­borg was and how it was time to quit. Mixed mes­sages aren’t as tasty as mixed sal­ads, so in the end I chose to be the medi­um and not the mes­sage, and become the change I want­ed to see. Adios Faceborg.

One of the pri­ma­ry aims of Land Made Man is to inspire, invite, cajole, and lead all those who arrive here away from the screen, and back to the real world. It is a long good­bye to this world.

By real world, I do not mean soci­ety or cul­ture, but Nature in all its forms: Moth­er Nature, Human Nature, the Call of Nature to return to our Divine Nature. From Auti­cul­ture to Per­ma­cul­ture. The way out of Hell and back to Heav­en is via the Earth: through recon­nect­ing to our bod­ies and thence to our nat­ur­al environment.

Because Nature, like us (and like the world), is not what it seems.

If all goes to Divine Plan (a tau­tol­ogy, I mean if my own plan is in sync with the Lord’s), this site will launch on Sept 11, 2021. Twen­ty years after Saruman’s two tow­ers came down. The tim­ing is most­ly coin­ci­den­tal, but seems fitting.

We are now on the verge of a less con­cen­trat­ed or visu­al­ly stun­ning, but much more far-reach­ing and final, col­lapse of the struc­tures of the world econ­o­my, and a resul­tant reshap­ing of the geopo­lit­i­cal land­scape towards the com­plete ero­sion of human freedom.

But you all know this already, or soon will. This web­site is not a place for para­po­lit­i­cal analy­sis (map­ping Hell), but for offer­ing healthy, nat­ur­al, ancient and ances­tral alter­na­tives (point­ing to the exits). It is per­haps the last iter­a­tion in a three-decades-long career of pub­lic per­son­al devel­op­ment, by which I will share my strug­gle to dis­en­gage from an anti-life sys­tem of orga­nized malev­o­lence (and admit­ted­ly hard-to-for­go con­ve­niences), back to the land, to the orig­i­nal matrix or womb of all life on Earth, to be remade in its image and born again—through Mat­ter and of Spirit.

Whether it works or not is what you are here to find out­—not as a pas­sive audi­ence mem­ber (which are of lit­tle use to any­one) but as a par­tic­i­pant will­ing to make the same or sim­i­lar moves your­self, wher­ev­er on this love­ly green Earth you find your­self. Either by fol­low­ing the exam­ple I am set­ting or, bet­ter yet, forg­ing your own path and giv­ing me some handy farm­ing tips and point­ers as we go.

Because one way or anoth­er, sink or swim, we are in this togeth­er. And dis­solv­ing our coerced con­sent to be part of the prob­lem is all it real­ly takes to become part of the solution—because all of Nature is a solution.

A jour­ney of a bil­lion light years begins with one small step. Real­ly, it is a noth­ing step; like that fake Moon land­ing, an imag­i­nary step, back to zero.

It is the imag­i­nary dis­tance between your “mind” and your body-soul, between you and your own true nature, a nature which doesn’t belong to you, because you belong to it.

It is com­ing home.

31 thoughts on “Goodbye Cruel World (Welcome to Land Made Life)

  1. Hey Jasun, I love your work. Have read a few of your books and lis­tened to quite a few of your blogs.
    I’m not real­ly sure where to start. Any­way, for the past 20 years or so, I have been work­ing in the hell-world of the Los Ange­les Coun­ty Supe­ri­or Court as a Span­ish lan­guage inter­preter. I got seri­ous­ly emo­tion­al­ly and psy­chi­cal­ly sick from all of that. That along with my trau­mat­ic upbring­ing led to me becom­ing sui­ci­dal, and trig­gered sev­er­al ner­vous breakdowns.
    I quit in 2014 and fucked off to South Amer­i­ca on the ayahuas­ca hip­pie trail, then to SE Asia. After the mon­ey ran out, I came back to South­ern Cal­i­for­nia in 2016. I guess I was “lucky”, he bas­tards hired me back. So, since my return in 2106, I have again been work­ing as a Span­ish lan­guage inter­preter for the court. Dude, this shit is fuck­ing killing me. Just the amount of human mis­ery I have to face every­day is beyond soul crush­ing. There is also the fact that the poor bas­tards we inter­pret for are igno­rant beyond belief. I am not jok­ing, these are peo­ple who will point to their shoul­der and say “hand” and their knee and say “foot”. This is how igno­rant they are. To watch these peo­ple get chewed up and spit out by the machine is total­ly fuck­ing with my head and heart. I have a hard time even just main­tain­ing with all this bullshit.
    I am cur­rent­ly 62, and have about anoth­er 4 or 5 years before I can retire and draw a mea­ger lit­tle pen­sion. Since I quit before I was ful­ly vest­ed in the pen­sion plan, I am not get­ting very much. Cer­tain­ly not enough to live in the US. Might be ok in SE Asia.
    Sor­ry to lay this all on you, but any insight or words of wis­dom you might have would be most appreciated,

    1. hi Juan — There’s no short or easy answer to your cry from the heart besides, I hear you. I sug­gest that the Exit Strate­gies in the End Times work­shop is tai­lor-made for some­one in your sit­u­a­tion, which means, the more I know of the dimen­sions of your dilem­ma, the bet­ter I can cus­tomize the work­shop to reach them. Con­nect­ing to Nature and to oth­er souls with whom you find an affin­i­ty and empa­thy is the best way I know to recon­nect to your own divine nature, from whence comes the solu­tion to every man-made problem.


      1. Hola Jasun,
        Thanks so much for your reply.
        Last night I lis­tened to most of your recent pod­cast with Louis Proud(Chuck). Not sure where to even begin. Any­way, your con­ver­sa­tion was quite rel­e­vant to my cur­rent sit­u­a­tion in regard to this nefar­i­ous covid psy­op, and cer­tain­ly to many oth­er people’s as well.
        My work man­dat­ed the fuck­ing vax. It was either get the thing or get fired. For months, I looked for a way to get a pass­able vax cer­ti­fi­ca­tion that I could present to my job, with­out me hav­ing to actu­al­ly get the damn thing, to no avail, unfor­tu­nate­ly. I was, like so many oth­ers, coerced. Was stress­ing myself out so bad­ly over it, that I final­ly gave in; fold­ed like a cheap card table, I did. Not proud of that, but there it is. Any­way, I got the sin­gle dose JnJ, ver­sion, which is, from what I under­stand, more of a “tra­di­tion­al” vax, and not the mRNA, gene alter­ing Pfiz­er cock­tail from hell. I fig­ured it was my least worst option, though I am not hap­py about it. But, so far, so good.
        I could’ve tak­en my chances, said “no” and let the bas­tards fire me, or I could’ve filed for a reli­gious exemp­tion. I decid­ed the stress of all that was not some­thing I was will­ing to deal with right now.
        These past 18 months or so, have been incred­i­bly stress­ful for many of the rea­sons you guys men­tioned in your recent pod­cast. Most peo­ple I know and love are com­plete­ly onboard with the fear nar­ra­tive. It has been heart­break­ing and infu­ri­at­ing to watch. I have found I can­not tell any­one any­thing to change their minds, so I have giv­en up completely.
        I was already alien­at­ed before this op was rolled out, this thing has just pushed me even fur­ther into the margins.
        I have to go along with the cha­rade at work if I want to keep my job. I hate my fuck­ing job. So I have placed myself in a sit­u­a­tion where I am forc­ing myself to do a job for a sys­tem I loathe and despise out of fear of being poor. I have about anoth­er 5 years before I can retire and draw a mea­ger pen­sion that would, the­o­ret­i­cal­ly at least, allow me to live rel­a­tive­ly com­fort­ably in some place like Thai­land. I am hon­est­ly not sure I can or want to wait that long. If I fuck off before then, I lose my “safe­ty net”, as you put it. After lis­ten­ing to you guys last night, part of me was think­ing I should just quit and take my chances, with­out a net. I would have a small nest egg, but it wouldn’t be much.
        It’s inter­est­ing that you’re in Spain. This is the land of my ances­tors. I was born in Medellin, Colom­bia, but if we believe 23 and me, I am 88.4% Euro­pean, most­ly from the Iber­ian Penin­su­la and South­ern Europe. I am also flu­ent in Span­ish, so Spain is cer­tain­ly a place that I not only like, but that also has a deep ances­tral res­o­nance for me, as well. When you men­tioned how cheap it is to buy prop­er­ty there, it got me think­ing … But I am a nat­u­ral­ized US cit­i­zen, so I am not sure what I would have to do to estab­lish some kind of res­i­den­cy in Europe. I have not done any research as far as all that, yet.
        I think I may join your pro­posed End Times Escape work­shop. Then I may have a bet­ter idea of wtf it is I’m gonna do.
        Appre­ci­ate all you do.

        1. Thanks for the heart­felt sum­ma­tion of your time in Hell, Juan. It echoes who knows how many oth­er peo­ple’s expe­ri­ence, includ­ing I am sure some who are read­ing this site. Need­less to say, I can’t advise any­one on the right move, geo­graph­i­cal­ly or geopo­lit­i­cal­ly, only that it so far seems like we have made the right one, and that the most essen­tial part of this is reach­ing a place with­in from which to make those out­er choic­es that count. Blessings.

        2. Hel­lo all. 

          Juan, your anx­i­eties and anguish sad­ly res­onate with me (as I’m sure they do count­less oth­ers). Nev­er­the­less, I feel that by express­ing them and shar­ing them can only help alle­vi­ate and van­quish them (that’s my eter­nal hope, anyway)

          I have had an unshake­able gut-knot ever since the phoney-baloney exer­cise was enact­ed last year and the per­vad­ing sense of dread stalks me in ways that are inhibit­ing on very deep lev­els. A pal­pa­ble sense of a ‘Black Prison’. I have long had this inner-strife, but, the past 18 months have only inten­si­fied it. As Jasun writes, our social real­i­ty has become (or is ever more vis­i­ble ‘fun­da­men­tal­ly anti-life and malevolent’.

          How­ev­er, know­ing that I am far from alone in expe­ri­enc­ing this feel­ing of being trapped and ter­ri­fied is some kind of salvation. 

          I have begun lis­ten­ing to Jasun’s workshops/podcasts (also read 3 of his books to date) and they soothe, but, they end and I’m back at or in(to) Square One. 

          I too believe that attend­ing a work­shop can only help to iden­ti­fy and ide­al­ly rem­e­dy the ten­sion and all-encom­pass­ing feel­ings of hope­less­ness that resides within.

          Any­way, I could (and maybe should) say more, but, that can wait for now.

          1. hi Kem­per!

            I am propos­ing, via these work­shops, etc, get­ting fur­ther back, to square zero. From there the way through, out, and beyond is as inevitable & effort-free as wak­ing from a dream.

            It may be the desire to get “ahead” (progress) that keeps trip­ping you up?

      2. Hel­lo Jasun.
        Your effort here back­ing up through the back door into the earth is look­ing ener­gised and alive.

        I’m reply­ing here because the link in you answer goes nowhere, any­more. And it sounds like an inter­est­ing one, so might catch some­one else’s eye too.

  2. Con­grats on the site! Look­ing for­ward to hear­ing about your adven­ture with the farm. We recent­ly moved from San Fran­cis­co to lit­er­al­ly the mid­dle of nowhere TX to embark on a sim­i­lar ven­ture. All the best, ES

  3. Hi Jason
    Con­grat­u­la­tions on your escape. Your place in heav­en on earth looks very beau­ti­ful. Fam­i­ly and com­mu­ni­ty is wealth. Grow­ing your own food is very sat­is­fy­ing, both for the soul and the body. Learn­ing from neigh­bors is always good. There is an amaz­ing book on per­ma­cul­ture by Bill Mol­li­son, a huge tome cov­er­ing lots of dif­fer­ent cli­mates and con­di­tions with lots of great illus­tra­tions. It’s very nice to hold and read. A cou­ple of oth­er escapees that I find inspir­ing are
    Owen Ben­jamin and James True, as well as you. I am shel­ter­ing in place in Wada, in Chi­ba, Japan. Prepar­ing the autumn win­ter gar­den. With per­ma­cul­ture tun­ing the flow and con­serv­ing water is key. Wada has moun­tain fed spring water and peo­ple built wells since back in the day, but I have also built drains for rain. Heir­loom seeds are get­ting hard to come by in Japan so try to get the seeds from “organ­ic” veggies.

  4. Jasun, Just a word about how the text of replies is show­ing up on my com­put­er screen. As I type this, the text shows up on my screen as black, which is very easy to read, how­ev­er, when I read the post­ed com­ments, the text ren­ders in a light blue colour which is more chal­leng­ing for me to see. Is there a solu­tion at your end which might involve adjust­ing the colour of the font to make it more legible?

  5. Hi Jason,

    As per Paul Steer’s com­ment above, the text of the post­ed com­ments lack con­trast and are dif­fi­cult to read against the white background.

    Re: the web-site text, I see white text on a pho­to­graph­ic back­ground. Gen­er­al­ly the con­trast ren­ders the text legible.

    Regards, Rob.

  6. May you have the phys­i­cal strength to
    pull this off. 

    May you and wife become whole and become your best selves

    May hon­est and knowl­edge­able help be in your future.
    God bless and god­speed. Peace.

  7. Here’s a man who has plumbed the depths of the col­lec­tive psy­che for decades and trans­formed hun­dreds of peo­ples lives, I imag­ine for the bet­ter. And this far along into his career, he’s as enig­mat­ic and anom­alous as ever. Pret­ty wild. 

    Any­way, if any­one has earned the right to unplug and return to the land it’s JH!

  8. Helios is here ! .….… I know, big deal. The hour is very late J, as you know. Although we’ve nev­er met in this dense phys­i­cal­i­ty, there lies a con­nec­tion, a ‘wave­length, a ‘fre­quen­cy’ we may not under­stand, the real­i­ty of know­ing how­ev­er, is undeniable. 

    Some­one said, the days go by slow­ly and the years quick­ly, and a decade has slipped by. exact­ly in said fash­ion. It’s fit­ting to hang here for a while now., espe­cial­ly now. For how long, who knows? Lit­tle in this realm, for us, is for­ev­er. It’s an hon­or to re-con­nect in the here and now.

    May your bless­ings be many.

    1. BTW, just for the record I nev­er went bank­rupt. I nav­i­gat­ed their sys­tem and used it for my fam­i­ly’s ben­e­fit. lol. Dun­no who’s move is next, I’ve yet to claim checkmate.…some moves take an epoch.

  9. Uplift­ing con­cept and sol­id intent on this new ven­ture Jasun. Many thanks for seed­ing this ground­ing space. Although the times indeed feel dire we will nev­er aban­don the depths of our joy and power.

  10. Hi every­one! I got off Face­book awhile ago, and also per­son­al social media, and it has very been nice. Though, I live and make a liv­ing on the inter­net, the time I spend off the inter­net is my favorite time and most mean­ing­ful. Through an inter­est­ing series of events, I’ve been cut off from most of the real world, mean­ing I don’t real­ly leave my house much these days, but through cre­at­ing art and mean­ing­ful study, I’ve nev­er been more content.

  11. Hi Jasun,

    I came here after lis­ten­ing to a pod­cast with you and James Kun­stler. I sym­pa­thize with a lot of the ideas and thoughts shared.

    I feel like an anom­aly. I’m fair­ly young but nev­er threw myself into any of the social media sys­tems even though I val­ue the infor­ma­tion that can be shared with such mechanisms.

    Some­thing has been call­ing me out to seek out oth­ers know­ing the sad truth of our fail­ing sys­tems. Maybe it’s just my lone­li­ness but try­ing to get back into the online world is exhaust­ing and unin­ter­est­ing for the most part. Some­thing along the lines of your approach appeals to me for some rea­son. I’m open to join­ing and learn­ing from you all.

    1. hi Andre; wel­come to LMM: have you reg­is­tered at the site to receive the newslet­ter? that is the way to know what is hap­pen­ing behind the scenes, oth­er­wise email me directly.

  12. I for­get the movie it came from but a line from it, cer­tain­ly left an immense impact on me, the char­ac­ters were native Amer­i­can’s the line was, “… they’re not human beings, yet.” Or some­thing sim­i­lar. Per­haps to show just because your a car­bon based biped, on this plain, does­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly mean you have heart&soul. Any­way, nice to see JH still has a pres­ence on the web­tube … If you’re in Hell, keep going.

  13. Time rolls on, over and over again.
    My heart screams out for yours and asks when, When, When

    Will the gods join us togeth­er as 1?
    For they must under­stand that I‑YOU / YOU‑I are one
    Not two, but one

    Grow­ing togeth­er under the ever burn­ing Sun
    Togeth­er for all of time.
    As time rolls on

  14. Jasun-Lis­tened to your intvw yes­ter­day with Peter Duke. Fas­ci­nat­ing. Anoth­er syn­chronic­i­ty — as dis­cussed by you and Peter: I was look­ing for info on Leonard Cohen work­ing for the intel­li­gence ser­vices, and it led me to your old site and sub­squent­ly here. Remem­bered the site name, “Land­Made­Man,” from the TDR intvw. Also remem­ber read­ing snip­pets of A Dia­mond’s writ­ing @ Cohen a num­ber of years ago. Any more info on Cohen you may have the time and incli­na­tion to share ? Part of long-stand­ing and on-going per­son­al research spurred on cur­rent­ly by peo­ple like you and Peter. Dug into Ernest Ham­ing­way this week, and his con­nec­tions to intel­li­gence were deep and wide. Keep up the good work — PJ Smith

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