The Generals (FEEL-ANSWER)

Fructify Essential Elements of Living (FEEL):

  • Breath­ing
  • Sleep­ing
  • Eat­ing & Drinking
  • Dream­ing
  • Walk­ing
  • Think­ing
  • Work­ing & Playing
  • Lov­ing

This is a nec­es­sar­i­ly short list, since it con­sists of those things that we can­not not do (essen­tials, get it?). Think­ing cov­ers all sorts of imag­in­ing, con­cep­tu­al­iza­tion, med­i­ta­tion, and prob­lem-solv­ing. Lov­ing may include sex for cer­tain ages and peri­ods of our life (Sex is essen­tial for the con­tin­u­a­tion of the race but not, con­trary to pop­u­lar opin­ion, for the con­tin­u­a­tion of the indi­vid­ual). Strict­ly speak­ing, a per­son can exist with­out walk­ing (my father did), but it is nei­ther opti­mal nor nat­ur­al to do so. I include it as a cen­tral means of being and con­nect­ing with Nature.

Con­nect­ing to Nature, with­in and with­out, is what all of these essen­tial­i­ties per­tain to. While a human today can exist with­out working—as chil­dren and old peo­ple often do—it is only via a total depen­dence on oth­ers, and usu­al­ly via the inter­ven­tions of gov­ern­ment, cor­po­ra­tions, and tech­nol­o­gy. Nature itself will not sup­port us until we do the nec­es­sary work to assist it in doing so. Work­ing also includes forms of cre­ativ­i­ty that over­lap with what we call play. For chil­dren, play is work (learn­ing about the world), and for adults, work can (and ide­al­ly should) also be playful.

The goal of FEEL is to fruc­ti­fy, opti­mize and enhance the eight essen­tial ele­ments of liv­ing via the aug­men­ta­tion of awareness.

Contributions from Early FEEL-adopters

What I would like to explore and con­vey about essen­tial ele­ments of liv­ing: ways in which we can attend (give atten­tion) with hon­esty and care as a means to free­dom and understanding


Liv­ing is fam­i­ly and com­mu­ni­ty, it is shared skills and knowl­edge, cre­ation and wealth.

Liv­ing is con­flict and res­o­lu­tion, it is dif­fer­ences and same­ness. There should always be places to hide should you so wish.

There should be places to be your­self with­out judg­ment how­ev­er fee­ble or strong, clever or tired one is.

It is food, danc­ing, car­ing, fight­ing & com­pet­ing (for fun & per­son­al devel­op­ment), grow­ing and enhancing.

You need to chal­lenge peo­ple for them to learn and grow, you need to encour­age and recog­nise abil­i­ties in peo­ple even if they don’t recog­nise them them­selves, you need to encour­age weak abil­i­ties if a per­son enjoys the fruit of theirs regard­less how small.

You need to accept excep­tion­al­i­ty and great­ness and lean on it, sup­port it and not find rea­sons to be envi­ous of it.

Secu­ri­ty and inti­ma­cy are a foun­da­tion stone; by secu­ri­ty I mean safe from abhor­rent harm with­in and outside.

And inti­ma­cy with one­self and a partner.

That is how you bless the world

Ancestral & Natural Sentience to Wholly Experience Reality (ANSWER)


This is trick­i­er to for­mu­late as it requires a sub­tle shift from the (self-evi­dent) essen­tials of liv­ing to a hid­den tem­plate for whole­ness, health, and good­ness that sup­ports these behav­iors and “rais­es them up” to a high­er order of effi­cien­cy, puri­ty, and wis­dom. (We might call it the Old Earth Order.) There is an ele­ment of faith and imag­i­na­tion in mak­ing this leap from “ani­mal” func­tion­al­i­ty to “angel­ic” pur­pose and design. (Note that all the eight EELs are shared by our ani­mal brethren, with the pos­si­ble excep­tion of thinking.)

On the oth­er hand, that there is an innate wis­dom and intel­li­gence in Nature, and that some forms of behav­ior are objec­tive­ly health­i­er and more har­mo­nious than oth­ers, is also some­what self-evi­dent. Yet it does depend on a will­ing­ness to let go of com­pul­sive and auto­mat­ed behav­iors that seem essen­tial to us, because of gen­er­a­tions of bad habits. These are the neg­a­tive ances­tral pat­terns that both result from and exac­er­bate a loss of sen­tience, a numb­ing and a clench­ing of the ner­vous sys­tem that is both accu­mu­la­tive and poten­tial­ly a vicious circle.

Opti­miz­ing the eight EELs and there­by improv­ing our expe­ri­ence of existence—learning how to ful­ly live—centers around the body (ours) and its place with­in Nature, on the one hand (the present), and our own blood and ances­try, on the oth­er (the past). This latter—since it cor­re­sponds with exis­tence before we were born—“transcends” what we think of as Nature (phys­i­cal real­i­ty) by encom­pass­ing the “mys­ti­cal dimen­sions,” where “the dead” (includ­ing or espe­cial­ly our own ances­tors) “reside.”

Strict­ly speak­ing, how­ev­er, this is an error that is symp­to­matic of a lack of sen­tient aware­ness: we also exist phys­i­cal­ly in this oth­er realm, even as the ances­tors live on in our blood, flesh and bones. As long as we are insen­tient to this deep­er aspect of our being, an ele­ment of faith and imag­i­na­tion is need­ed to bridge this gulf in our own awareness.

The goal of restor­ing ances­tral and nat­ur­al sen­tience to our lives is the goal of becom­ing embod­ied, which is to be ful­ly aware of our exis­tence on every lev­el so that we can whol­ly expe­ri­ence real­i­ty as it is, and our­selves as we are. The enhance­ment of the eight essen­tial ele­ments of living—which Dave Oshana calls increas­ing good­ness—is both a means and an end. As a process, it nat­u­ral­ly and inevitably extends, not only inward and back­ward to the ances­tors in our cells, but out­ward and for­ward to the lives, per­cep­tions, and expe­ri­ences of every sen­tient crea­ture in exis­tence, includ­ing those not yet born.

Contributions from early ANSWER-adopters:

Wel­come to the old­est and strangest place in the uni­verse: Your Body.

Wel­come to Old Age Spir­i­tu­al­i­ty where you are invit­ed into reality.

A place where you own your sens­es and can cut down veils to make new clothes.

Breath in to explore the his­to­ry that is deep inside, breath out to release and let go.

ANSWER is a place for you to explore what you were nev­er taught but have always known.

It is a place for food, for songs, com­pan­ion­ship, learn­ing and healing.

Explore and col­lab­o­rate in the Galaxy of one, whist the world out­side plays at space exploration.

ANSWER is a sup­port net­work for those in ris­ing tides and bar­ren lands lost to the winds of change.

Hold out your hands and reach back in time with those who are ready to exit.


Rough and drafty ANSWER Mis­sion statement:

A constellation/network of chan­nels, each chan­nel created/led by an indi­vid­ual or group, offer­ing con­tent that embodies/reflects/projects/amplifies an inner light of authen­tic inquiry and/or dis­cov­ery. Chan­nels can offer a vari­ety of top­ics, but all share a com­mit­ment to exploring/knowing the self through explo­ration of the sub­ject matter.

Con­tent offered should be mean­ing­ful to the pre­sen­ter, and can com­prise a major project in that person/group’s life, or be some­thing pro­found­ly mundane.

Ances­tors? Not sure how ances­tors fit in—maybe in the dis­cov­ery of patterns/habitual behav­iors, walk­ing the rail­road tracks.

The prin­ci­pals of Dave Oshana are exem­pli­fied and embod­ied by the approach to each project/topic, and made explic­it by a chan­nel specif­i­cal­ly about the Enlight­en­ment Trans­mis­sion, its prac­tices and bodywork.

The over­ar­ch­ing theme is of let­ting go of habits and pat­terns that com­prise the self by becom­ing aware of how these are phys­i­cal­ly embod­ied, and con­scious­ly releas­ing them.


A space to explore, con­nect, and share expe­ri­ences that will help one become aware of sen­sa­tions and thoughts, both harm­ful and car­ing, that are always present, but sel­dom recognized.


Being, one can’t fail to Become.

The Specifics (GRASS-HORSE)

Galician Restoration of Ancestral Sentience Settlement (GRASS)

Though most if not all of the work of FEEL-ANSWER is cur­rent­ly online, the goal, over time, is to move the focus away from tech­nol­o­gy and into a nat­ur­al envi­ron­ment, to allow for the most essen­tial ele­ment of all: direct inter­ac­tion with oth­er human beings in Nature. Sim­ply put: it means get­ting back to our own natures by being togeth­er in Nature.

To this end, a prop­er­ty is cur­rent­ly being sought and devel­oped in the region of Gali­cia, Spain, both as a liv­ing space for me, my wife, and cat, and a future retreat cen­ter for souls wish­ing to par­tic­i­pate. The space will be select­ed and pre­pared to host at least 20 peo­ple for future retreats (plus space for camp­ing in sum­mer), while also allow­ing for the devel­op­ing of neigh­bor­ing prop­er­ties and land, for par­tic­i­pants who wish to join the project on a long-term, res­i­den­tial basis.

The over­all pur­pose of the set­tle­ment is to estab­lish a com­mu­nal liv­ing space (not a com­mune) that will be some­what along monas­tic lines, com­bined with rur­al farm­ing that will include some, or even all, of the following:

  • Mules (for transport)
  • Bees (for hon­ey and wax)
  • Goats (for milk and cheese)
  • Chick­ens (for eggs and meat)
  • Fruit trees
  • Trees for firewood
  • Gar­den vegetables

The loca­tion should be close enough to a pop­u­lat­ed area for all the con­ve­niences, as long as these hold up and while it is still prac­ti­cal to rely on them (i.e., until the full crack­down and/or zom­bie apoc­a­lypse).  If we are lucky, I antic­i­pate we have five years, dur­ing which the ground­work for self-suf­fi­cien­cy can be laid. Total self-suf­fi­cien­cy may not be nec­es­sary even in the event of a total col­lapse or mil­i­tary clam­p­down, how­ev­er, as there are still tiny rur­al pop­u­la­tions in Gali­cia that pro­duce their own food for pri­vate con­sump­tion. Build­ing good con­nec­tions with the locals is cen­tral to the suc­cess of this enter­prise. This work has already commenced.

The prop­er­ty should be far enough from neigh­bors (and their dogs) for tran­quil­i­ty and pri­va­cy, as well as not too close to any traf­ficked roads, pylons, or cell tow­ers (though it will have elec­tric­i­ty). Most like­ly, there will be no fibre optic inter­net or Wi-Fi cov­er­age, which means rely­ing on 4G satel­lite routers (as I am now). Although this means Wi-Fi, it also gives the advan­tage of being able to turn it off when not using it, such as dur­ing retreats, and there­by being in a Wi-Fi free area.

The cen­tral­i­ty of this “grass-roots” prac­ti­cal project to the larg­er, more eso­teric FEEL-ANSWER can be summed up with the term “Earth-Aware­ness,” which encom­pass­es both our aware­ness of the Earth, and the Earth’s aware­ness of us. It is entire­ly direct­ed towards and depen­dent on a mak­ing con­scious of the invis­i­ble sup­port of Nature, and of devel­op­ing a liv­ing rela­tion­ship with the sen­tient body of the Earth, there­by both receiv­ing and return­ing its Love.

Some connective elements:

  • Con­nect­ing to our ances­tors entails con­nect­ing to their way of life, name­ly the eight EELs that have been con­sis­tent through­out our ances­try, all of which cen­ter around a work­ing rela­tion­ship with Nature, both inner and outer.
  • Farm­ing the land, rais­ing ani­mals, and the rur­al exis­tence that makes a work­ing rela­tion­ship with Nature cen­tral to our sur­vival and well-being is also con­sis­tent with how our ances­tors lived, for thou­sands of years.
  • Our ances­tors live on in our blood and tis­sue, and are expe­ri­enced by us (poten­tial­ly) as a benign­ly guid­ing influ­ence of inner sense (inno­cence), as sen­sa­tions, impuls­es, desires, pref­er­ences, intu­itions, and ori­en­ta­tions that are inten­si­fied and opti­mized via a response-able rela­tion­ship with Nature, name­ly, the awak­en­ing and refin­ing of our nat­ur­al instincts.
  • Inso­far as our ances­tors’ bod­ies lit­er­al­ly became part of the Earth when they died and were buried, their sen­tience (lived expe­ri­ence) lives on, not only in us but in the Earth itself. We might imag­ine it to be fused with the innate aware­ness of the planet.
  • Con­nect­ing to the ances­tors and con­nect­ing to the Earth is a sin­gle goal, there­fore, with two mutu­al­ly sup­port­ing ele­ments. The more we tune into the resid­ual sen­tience of the ances­tors, in our bod­ies and the Earth, the more aware we become of our natures, the more the resid­ual sen­tience of our ances­tors can be restored. It can then guide us into FEEL: the fruc­ti­fy­ing of the eight essen­tial ele­ments of living.
  • Work­shops and human group inter­ac­tiv­i­ty, both online and in Nature (live-in retreats), will be ded­i­cat­ed to this sin­gle col­lab­o­ra­tive end: con­stel­lat­ing the ances­tral net­works of sen­tient good­ness, both inside our bod­ies and pasts, and out­side, in our ongo­ing human rela­tions, towards the future of a ful­ly-restored human col­lec­tive of sen­tient goodness.

Horsley-Oshana-Rudolf-Steiner-Ensemble (HORSE)

Last­ly, the eso­teric teach­ings that form the the­o­ret­i­cal basis for much of this prac­tice. This list is very pro­vi­sion­al, and your sug­ges­tions and com­ments are welcome.

Essential Horsley Teachings:

Para­noid Aware­ness & the Sec­ond Matrix

Cru­cial Fic­tions, Trau­ma­ge­n­e­sis, Dis­so­ci­a­tion & Disembodiment

Extra-Con­sen­su­al Per­cep­tion & Self-Deprogramming

Lim­i­nal­ism, Lib­er­a­tion through Rad­i­cal Doubt

Exit­ing Hell: how to get the world out of you by being ful­ly in the world.

Essential Oshana Teachings:

The Enlight­en­ment Transmission

Embod­i­ment & the Dis­tri­b­u­tion of the Life Force

The False Iden­ti­ty, the Fas­cia & the Ner­vous System

The Ances­tors & Human Interconnectivity

Restor­ing the Human Ener­gy Field: Spread­ing Good­ness via Blessings

Essential Rudolf Steiner Teachings:

The dead & the ani­mal kingdom

The nerve end­ings & inter­nal organs as gate­way to the spiritual

Nature & the spir­it world

The Angel­ic Influences

Christ, Gol­go­tha, & the Sun

This area of activ­i­ty is most­ly for online work, arti­cles, pod­casts, dis­cus­sions, and is geared towards a syn­the­sis of knowl­edge meant to bridge dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives and groups: mine and Dave’s, and both with the much larg­er audi­ence base of Rudolph Stein­er, anthro­pos­o­phy and, by exten­sion, eso­teri­cism, occultism, and spir­i­tu­al­i­ty “at large” (you know, the world).

At the same time, inso­far as these very dif­fer­ent-fla­vored teach­ings, inter­pre­ta­tions, and explo­rations can con­firm, sup­port, and recon­tex­tu­al­ize one anoth­er, the analy­sis may lead to syn­the­sis, even sym­bio­sis. Poten­tial­ly, such a cross-fer­til­iza­tion of sen­si­bil­i­ties might pro­vide a means to look at the pick­le we are chok­ing on from mul­ti­ple angles, the pick­le being that of a self-destroy­ing human­i­ty, a plan­et caught in the cross­fire between war­ring parts of the col­lec­tive psy­che. If we can become more con­scious of the shape and size of what is stuck in our throat, and how it got there, we might just be able to relax and keep still long enough to receive the heav­en­ly Heim­lich maneuver.

TL;DR: Three heads are bet­ter than one: espe­cial­ly when the horse we are rid­ing is tak­ing us right into Cer­berus’ lair.

Last up, what do I want from you, the now-over-and-through the 4th wall and into the play-ground per­cip­i­ent? In a word: input.

If you would like to par­tic­i­pate in a group explo­ration for this project, span­ning the spec­trum from the deep eso­ter­i­ca of clear­ing out of all dark spots from the Human Ener­gy Field via nat­ur­al and ances­tral restora­tion work, to giv­ing feed­back on actu­al prop­er­ties being con­sid­ered, just let me know and I will accom­mo­date and incor­po­rate your inter­est any way I can.

If you want to sup­port this project finan­cial­ly, you can do so by request­ing a 1:1 ses­sion with myself or sim­ply offer­ing a dona­tion (prefer­ably in euros via Trans­fer­wise, which I hear is chang­ing its brand name to Wise this week).

If you want to come to Gali­cia and help with the ren­o­va­tions and bee-keep­ing, even bet­ter (though there are a num­ber of prepara­to­ry rings of fire you must first pass through before edi­bil­i­ty for this step).

If you want to help with out­reach, cre­at­ing media and bring­ing aware­ness to any of the var­i­ous aspects of this project, awe­some. Spread­ing the word is one of the most essen­tial and dif­fi­cult require­ments for the suc­cess of the Grass Horse Feel Answer operation.

And so on. This is a work in progress, where it goes, depends on every­one involved, and togeth­er we may dis­cov­er the exit from hell and the key to par­adise. We  may even dis­cov­er that we are that exit and that key. But no sin­gle one of us holds the full answer.