Online Saturday Meet-Ups (Land Made Liminalist)

These meet­ings are cur­rent­ly not tak­ing place. Check back in July-August.   The Sat­ur­day online meet-space is a splic­ing of the old Lim­i­nal­ist pod­cast for­mat with the live Zoom meet­ing place. Inter­ac­tions are record­ed and shared in the con­trib­u­tor sec­tion of this site. Meet­ings cur­rent­ly take place on Zoom around 8 am New York time,Con­tin­ue read­ing “Online Sat­ur­day Meet-Ups (Land Made Liminalist)”

Soul-Love or Bust Meet

A two-tiered YouTube/Zoom Meet this Sat­ur­day, March 5, at 1 pm UK time. The first part 30–60 mins will be on YouTube, for pub­lic atten­dance (sobri­ety of atten­dants is request­ed). The sec­ond part will be over at Zoom (link pro­vid­ed on request, 24 hours sobri­ety required), and will be a chance to meet and greetCon­tin­ue read­ing “Soul-Love or Bust Meet”

Exiting Hell weekly workshop

Like walk­ing a tightrope, exit­ing Hell is a bal­anc­ing act. The bal­ance is between accept­ing the cir­cum­stances of our own cus­tomized hell, and bust­ing the right moves out. Para­dox­i­cal­ly, pulling out of the Chi­nese fin­ger-trap of the trau­­ma-gen­er­at­ed mind ID can only hap­pen from a place of rad­i­cal accep­tance (of self and world).  Every mapCon­tin­ue read­ing “Exit­ing Hell week­ly workshop”