Dave Oshana Unwelcome Intell. to Spiritual Foetuses

We are spir­i­tu­al foe­tus­es. Some things com­ing into our womb-space are nec­es­sary; some are unnec­es­sary; some are damaging.

In our cur­rent state of aware­ness, we are not always able to dis­cern the dif­fer­ence between nec­es­sary, unnec­es­sary, and dam­ag­ing. This puts the onus on Dave Oshana to be our eyes and ears, report­ing the ener­getic facts of life back to us, because they are obvi­ous to him (some­times painful­ly), but invis­i­ble to us.

In order to share that infor­ma­tion and pro­vide us with use­ful guid­ance, he has assumed a posi­tion of pow­er in our lives.

The mes­sage of this last week­end was sim­ple: the soul is real; the soul is in dan­ger. The proof that the soul is in dan­ger is that we no longer (eas­i­ly) rec­og­nize that the soul is real. And (a vicious cir­cle), the more endan­gered our souls become, the hard­er it is to allow our­selves to see that they are real, and that the dan­ger there­fore is also real.

From a very young age, Dave observed the law of mat­ter. He tried not to mess with the maker’s design, and to fol­low the nat­ur­al will of his body, as much as possible. 

Any­thing that we do in our lives to cre­ate a “spike,” i.e., to dra­mat­i­cal­ly alter our expe­ri­ence, from eat­ing choco­late to watch­ing movies, from ejac­u­la­tion to alco­hol, gen­i­tal rub­bing to gen­der reas­sign­ment, is a case of over­rid­ing the body’s nat­ur­al func­tion­ing, to pro­vide relief to the false identity.

In our cur­rent par­a­digm, we do not have a soul, there­fore no one is try­ing to cap­ture our souls. If we go along with this, then we begin to live our lives as if we don’t have a soul, and as if no one and noth­ing was try­ing to cap­ture it. The inevitable end point of this tra­jec­to­ry is that we won’t have a soul, because it will have been captured.

How can we know any­thing about any­thing if our con­scious­ness isn’t ful­ly here? When our con­scious life force can’t enter our bod­ies and make way for the soul to land, our minds suf­fer and we seek com­pen­sato­ry forms of relief, dis­trac­tion, pur­pose and meaning.

The dev­il makes work for idle hands, and junk food for emp­ty souls. The idea of “mak­ing the world a bet­ter place,” for exam­ple, is Satan’s boo­by prize in exchange for cap­tur­ing our soul-aware­ness. Those who have giv­en up on sav­ing their souls set about to save the world instead. 

But what if this world is designed by the dev­il to cap­ture our souls?!

To focus on sav­ing, or reclaim­ing, our souls, begins with mov­ing our focus away from the world and to the self—the soul. How we face the ener­getic facts of our con­di­tions in the spir­i­tu­al womb of exis­tence in which we are form­ing? How can we free the cap­tured souls of our ances­tors? This is the nat­ur­al place to begin.

If our ances­tors were cap­tured by their own igno­rance of their soul-natures, and due to their mis­use of their bod­ies, these are some of the ances­tral threads of our own soul-enmesh­ment in the satan­ic web of this world.

If we address, admit, and absolve some of those pat­terns of ener­getic abuse, we take steps to free­ing our ances­tors from a mul­ti-gen­er­a­tional soul trap, and opti­mize the con­di­tions for our own spir­i­tu­al birth.

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