Deep Diving Death Waters Audio (17 mins)

Intro­duc­tion to Sat­ur­day Meet-up, Nov 6, 2021

Death is the theme of the week, but beyond the dark­est hour of mourn­ing, there is the dawn of awakening. 

The body is the open­ing onto the life of the soul & can occur in life, before death, and only so can we be ful­ly ready to die. 

To die in life is to com­plete the work of a sub-opti­mal moment of con­cep­tion ~ and be born again into the Gar­den of Earth­ly Delights, sans ser­pent, where death has no sting. 

To have the heart to say good­bye for­ev­er is to move for­ev­er beyond goodbyes.


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