Land-Lubbing # 5: The Jesus Moment (A Primer for Life During Wartime, with Martin M & Jeff McQ)

Talk­ing on JaHO-asis mini meet­ing on the (alleged) com­ing revolution/awakening/resistance: is it com­pat­i­ble with state-engi­neered mass death events? (In Jon­estown, the many peo­ple who couldn’t be per­suad­ed to drink the Kool-Aid were inject­ed with it; those who made a run for it were round­ed up and shot.) Meet­ing the Dev­il with­in, the lim­i­nal posi­tion, say­ing No to the tempter, the essen­tial­i­ty of Armageddon.

3 thoughts on “Land-Lubbing # 5: The Jesus Moment (A Primer for Life During Wartime, with Martin M & Jeff McQ)

  1. Great con­ver­sa­tion all. I lis­tened a half dozen times.I’ve been ‘snip­ing’ at the ‘sys­tem /empire since the day it called my mil­i­tary draft num­ber attempt­ing to con­vince me I was need­ed and it was my patri­ot­ic oblig­a­tion to ‘stop the spread of com­mu­nism and free peo­ple to the great­ness of democ­ra­cy in Nam. Anoth­er poor­ly dis­guised means of depop­u­la­tion in which I would’ve had to kill or be killed for some­thing inher­ent­ly I I under­stood with­out requir­ing any’­facts’ was false on it’s face. They did­n’t get me. I even gave up my col­lege defer­ment as I had dis­cov­ered my soul-mate. I trust­ed my inner guid­ance to find peace and free­dom with­in love. I heard the idea expressed here, and have felt the anger I thought of as ‘right­eous indig­na­tion’ I was enti­tled to…I sur­ren­dered to trust vengeance is God’s to claim. I heard the opti­mism here that per­haps our free­dom can be obtained by home­steading hop­ing to sur­vive by the sweat of one’s own brow, I also heard and agreed, don’t inter­fere with my life and I won’t inter­fere with yours as it was briefly declared. It’s a won­der­ful sen­ti­ment, but much of mankind are tak­ers. Left to starve, many will resort to what­ev­er means nec­es­sary, includ­ing killing and can­ni­bal­ism to sur­vive. The ‘sys­tem’ has been cre­at­ed by a high­er than human intel­li­gence. What has been ref­er­eed to as con­ve­nience in this con­ver­sa­tion has been engi­neered to be neces­si­ties for the major­i­ty of human pop­u­la­tion to sur­vive. Any and all of which can and is slow­ly being switched off. From what I see in my day to day life, which by the nature of my busi­ness has me in con­tact with many more peo­ple the the aver­age, as deemed an essen­tial busi­ness I have nev­er been iso­lat­ed from lis­ten­ing to what the human herd is thinking/saying. There are not enough of us will­ing to lay it all on the line to con­front our adver­sary, let alone win in phys­i­cal com­bat. Hav­ing some access to what the .01% degen­er­ate ‘elite’ have planned & exe­cut­ed to this point in time, in my opin­ion the only fight there is, and has ever been, is for our souls. How many peo­ple give any thought to being a soul, nev­er mind con­sid­er­ing the fact one must ‘work’ to keep it. Look­ing at Jon Levi and oth­ers you tube mud flood chan­nels it seems pret­ty obvi­ous this is not the first re-set. Thank you gen­tle­men for a stim­u­lat­ing dialogue.…I don’t do well in cre­at­ing con­cise com­ments. Too many words, not expressed to my satisfaction.

    1. Ciao Alber­to! I think your com­ment was splen­did­ly for­mu­lat­ed and the part about the “soul” had me cheer­ing. Impos­si­ble to get the impor­tance of the soul across to those around us, even those who know what we know. This con­ver­sa­tion was bliss to mine ears. What always mys­ti­fies me, how­ev­er, is how the most artic­u­late, eru­dite peo­ple who have attend­ed the posh­est schools always crab about the trau­ma relat­ed to wear­ing a school uni­form and being taught order, dis­ci­pline, punc­tu­al­i­ty etc. When I see the ane­mic mon­goloids exit­ing schools today — the major­i­ty of which are func­tion­al­ly illit­er­ate and inca­pable of intel­li­gent thought — as I said, exit­ing schools every­where sport­ing ugly, over­priced rub­ber shoes and the lat­est fash­ions, I think, yeah! we can do away with those sadis­tic top notch schools ’cause look at the qual­i­ty of this nascent gang of winners!

      1. N.B. Com­ment about schools relat­ing to a dif­fer­ent con­ver­sa­tion. Sor­ry. Had to get it in there any­way. Thank you and great work! GB

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