Let’s Talk About Entities

Let’s talk about entities?

But how, why, and in what order?

Enti­ties don’t want us to talk about them. But if we must talk about them, they want to dic­tate the terms, the feel­ing and the fla­vor, and most of all the out­come, of the discussion.

Talk is cheap; the devil’s cur­ren­cy is lin­go. Do you real­ly think those are your thoughts you are thinking?

We are lit­er­al­ly swim­ming in a sea of enti­ties, good, bad, and ugly. They move around us and through us, in us and as us.

What con­cern us here are the enti­ties that do not belong there: the ones we made silent, invis­i­ble, and long-for­got­ten pacts with. The ones we signed our lives over to, as bil­lions of peo­ple are cur­rent­ly sign­ing over their blood and bod­ies to a cor­po­rate med­ical agen­da that promis­es the oppo­site of what it actu­al­ly deliv­ers (health and wholeness).

When our con­cep­tion, birth, and child­hood all went wrong, when the nat­ur­al, healthy, and essen­tial forms of human sup­port failed to be there and were replaced by unnat­ur­al, unhealthy, and inessen­tial forms of sab­o­tage, that’s when the enti­ties stepped in, and offered up an alter­nate sup­port net­work.

Our imag­i­nary friends pro­vid­ed very real forms of com­fort, start­ing with our very iden­ti­ties. Like a wire mesh chick­en coop, a lat­tice­work of sen­tient par­a­sit­i­cal enti­ties, cuck­oos look­ing for a nest and a host, to extend hun­gry ten­ta­cles of influ­ence into the bio­log­i­cal realm.

The dark satan­ic enti­ties of this sort are like razor-thin wedges that insin­u­ate them­selves, insid­i­ous­ly and hideous­ly, between the cells of our bod­ies. They nest between us and our life force, between our body and our soul, between par­ents and chil­dren, broth­ers and sis­ters, man and wife.

Like splin­ters that becomes hooks and levers, they slide into the cracks of an unformed com­mu­nal body, pre­vent­ing the weav­ing of the divine with the mate­r­i­al that is very the pur­pose of Cre­ation. This both allows, and cre­ates the demand, for a coun­ter­feit, satan­ic, anti-com­mu­nal body.

Nature abhors a vac­u­um; and where two or three are gath­ered and Christ can’t gain access, Satan is more than hap­py to pick up that slack.

This is the most essen­tial thing to know, and the most urgent work to do, in 2022.

All the ways in which we are not our­selves and are unable to be ourselves. 

This includes espe­cial­ly the tricks we have learned to be some­thing oth­er than our­selves and not even real­ize or remember. 

Mis­sion creep has led us into ene­my ter­ri­to­ry, where we have been so thor­ough­ly brain­washed that we have become our own worst ene­my. Our pas­sions, pow­ers, perks and priv­i­leges, have all been bestowed upon us ille­git­i­mate­ly, as part of a for­ma­tive pact with enti­ties that got us out of the desert of the real, and into a “meta­verse” of make-believe mean­ings, and pho­ny fin­gers point­ing at mirage moons.

My own dilem­ma is suit­ably “meta”: how can I write about enti­ties, when my writ­ing skills are part of a pack­age of enti­ty-gained spoils of inter­nal self-con­quest—sid­dhis that seduced a sad son of a soused stuck-writer, by serv­ing up a satan­ic sim­u­la­tion of soul-satisfaction? 

Where there is no father’s bless­ing, we are all suck­ers for succubae.


What prompt­ed this newslet­ter is the new, inten­si­fied focus in the Dave Oshana meet­ings on the ques­tion of where we end and where the enti­ties begin. In fact, I had already begun delv­ing into demonsville ear­li­er last year, via my inter­est in explor­ing the work of Rudolf Stein­er, with a par­tic­u­lar empha­sis on his teach­ings about the influ­ences of the dead and spir­its of dark­ness. (Links below; expect more to come.)

Unlike Dave, I have always been fas­ci­nat­ed by these dark mate­ri­als. And no doubt talked of them beyond my sta­tion. Or, if I did have a degree of author­i­ty with which to talk of them, it was an author­i­ty giv­en me by the enti­ties themselves—making me—literally, though not always wittingly—a PR agent for Lucifer! D’oh!

If noth­ing else, iron­i­cal­ly, this gen­uine­ly qual­i­fies me to speak of such things now. I know, as well as Adam, the seduc­tion meth­ods of demons, drag­ons, and fall­en angels. I know exact­ly what they offer and what seems to be in it for us. And I know the prices we pay for falling for the old­est seduc­tion game in town.

(If you missed this, and/or are inter­est­ed in brush­ing up on the JaHov­ian jour­ney through the land of the fly­ers, see links below.)


I am cur­rent­ly pre­sent­ed with a time­ly chal­lenge and pos­si­ble temptation—to write or not to write. That is the ques­tion! Whether it is nobler in the mind, bla bla.

I recent­ly nego­ti­at­ed a pub­lish­ing deal for the most­ly-com­plet­ed (I hope) Big Moth­er-Kubrick­on book, aka, Deep Fake, aka The Dis­em­bod­i­ment Agenda, etc., etc. This was sparked by a request from Aeon for a book, fol­lowed by a brief nego­ti­a­tion over roy­al­ties. Some­one has ten­ta­tive­ly vol­un­teered to do the index, so those are the most nuts-&-boltsy mat­ters addressed.

Even so, I am unsure it is wise for me to return to book writ­ing. It’s not a mat­ter of time, since in win­ter I don’t get out and work on the land until ear­ly after­noon when the sun is shin­ing. It’s a ques­tion of what’s the best use of my ener­gy and life force, and of dis­cern­ing whether this is an enti­ty-engi­neered trap to keep me spin­ning my intel­lec­tu­al cogs and feed­ing the matrix, or a gen­uine oppor­tu­ni­ty to share some­thing of val­ue, con­sis­tent with the move out­side the mind and into the body and the soul.

16 Maps was to be my last book about Hell. It was an espe­cial­ly sat­is­fy­ing end to my career, for being a more audi­ence-col­lab­o­ra­tive expe­ri­ence. So whether I pro­ceed with this pos­si­ble throw­back, depends on whether it can be devel­oped more along those lines, by recruit­ing some ear­ly read­ers to pro­vide feed­back, and even con­tribute mate­r­i­al, to bring the work all the way into the enlivened, embod­ied present.

The book is cur­rent­ly a splic­ing togeth­er of the fol­low­ing: The Kubrick­on; some chap­ters on tech­nol­o­gy, con­scious­ness, and neu­ro­di­ver­si­ty that I worked on in the ear­ly days of Auti­cul­ture (such as my long essay on PK Dick); sev­er­al sub­se­quent essays on tech­nol­o­gy, social engi­neer­ing and the occult; and my writ­ings on transgender.

If I were to work on it, I would expect to be culling what­ev­er can be culled, hop­ing that what I have is some­thing between a block of mar­ble and Moses; some­thing that, with a lit­tle but not too much finess­ing, will be ready to lead my peo­ple out of slav­ery, and to smash some gold­en calves (rather than become one).

Last up, since enti­ties and their dev­il­ish manip­u­la­tions is the inter­est and focus for 2022, I would be draw­ing out this theme as much as pos­si­ble from the mate­r­i­al, or, where it is absent, intro­duc­ing it in there.

The first step, how­ev­er, is to find out if there is suf­fi­cient soul sen­tience to par­tic­i­pate in this project, and so get the blood of con­scious­ness flow­ing, into these oth­er­wise sleepy fin­gers and limbs. I am refer­ring to the mon­ster, here, not to the mad doc­tor (or maybe both). So then, as always, over to you.


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9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Entities

  1. Hi, from a pure­ly self­ish point of view I would like to read anoth­er book writ­ten by Jasun and his enti­ties. Although, I can under­stand how and why you feel it is a lie to the real Jasun to trav­el that path.

    The good, the bad and the ugly enti­ties cer­tain­ly have their part to play in shap­ing the paths that we wyrm about on to find our exit strategies. 

    I would not have got­ten involved with Your­self, Dave and the Cohorts unless my enti­ties (good,bad,ugly) had not pro­vid­ed that way for me. The same goes for you. 

    Are they intrin­si­cal­ly linked to fate — I think so! Does this mean I have no free will, to a cer­tain lev­el yes! That is my cross to bear and thank­ful­ly there are peo­ple like Dave show­ing us the ditch to throw that cross into before we get to Golgotha.

    Is their expul­sion pos­si­ble and is there a sym­bio­sis that is impor­tant? Shall we car­ry the splin­ters in our body even if we have ditched the cross?

    You will decide if you have that book to write and I am sure that you will make the write deci­sion. Opps…

    You are a good man, even if you have bad thoughts from time to time, trust those splin­ters and they will lead you to where you want to be.


  2. You real­ly ought to write the book. BTW when I try to share these arti­cles on FB no image appears, I think you’d get much more traf­fic with a pic­ture. I must say, the way you describe these enti­ties reminds me of Micheal Harn­er, the Anthro­pol­o­gist, who took ayuascha and saw drag­ons in space who told them they hide in human bod­ies, and are man’s true master…

    1. hi Jonathan; I came on your work recent­ly, some sig­nif­i­cant overlaps.…

      thanks for shar­ing at the ‘Borg but if the medi­um is the mes­sage, bring­ing in new read­ers via the meta­verse may not be worth the cost of hav­ing to enter and dec­o­rate the MV to do so…?

  3. If curi­ous, I sug­gest look­ing into the work of Jer­ry Marzin­sky and also Sher­ry Swiney/Jenny Lynn. Jer­ry worked as a psy­chother­a­pist and came across enti­ties. Work­ing with his patients it was revealed to him how neg­a­tive enti­ties are the source of schizophrenia.
    They have writ­ten a book and share how you actu­al­ly get rid of neg­a­tive enti­ties both­er­ing you. Sher­ry her­self got out of being in a men­tal hospital.
    There a good pod­cast here — https://open.spotify.com/episode/6rQjGhZ9j4eAGrSiJkSMI5

  4. I’d love to con­tribute to your Kubrick­on. Like you, I view Kubrick as the ulti­mate hack. Nowhere is that more appar­ent than in 2001, which begins with the most out­landish and unsci­en­tif­ic slan­der of prim­i­tive hunter gath­er­er life. Why were these fake hunter gath­er­ers liv­ing in an area with no flo­ra and fight­ing over mud pud­dles? Why was it so impor­tant for Kubrick to por­tray the idyl­lic life of a hunter gath­er­er as ugly and brutish? If the open­ing scene of 2001 is a lie, what does that say about the rest of the movie and the phi­los­o­phy behind it? These ques­tions and more I will answer! Glad I found your new site, Jasun, and pleased to see your move towards primitivism.

    1. hel­lo tox-sim — that name rings a dis­tant bell; your last point is rel­e­vant to the pod­cast I am even now upload­ing to the old site.

      Kubrick­on is in the can & due out ear­ly next year, if there is a next year.

  5. So per­haps these “enti­ties” are trapped in the places they feed off us as well. Just as one in trapped in their rela­tion­ship with the food mar­ket, and in the emo­tions of their rela­tion­ships with oth­er peo­ple, ani­mals and objects.
    Now I have to extrap­o­late that thought fur­ther to encom­pass the beings that are feed­ing of them.
    As far as I can see “this” is a real­i­ty (world, uni­verse, etc…) where every­thing derives it’s ener­gy from some­thing, or some­one else.
    Every­one and every­thing eats every­one and every­thing else.
    Ulti­mate­ly of course there is no enti­ties. No you, no me ‚no them.
    Only the one.
    Which there is not even “the one” that would require the oth­er. How­ev­er that’s the deal. One lone­ly god.
    I digress; I am con­cerned with the par­a­sites, par­a­sites, and the dilem­mas of the par­a­sites, and their pos­si­ble offense at being seen as parasites.
    Once we are all free we cease to exist. Blast! I digress once again…
    Much love

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