The Logical Phallus (Lucifer for Dummies)

“If the uni­verse did not con­tain the pos­si­bil­i­ty of evil, it would not be the uni­verse, but God Himself.”
—Charles Upton

If God can do any­thing, can he cre­ate a rock too heavy for Him to lift? This is the Lucifer Conun­drum, in a child­like nutshell.

As you’ll see, I pre­fer to keep this sub­ject child­like. Becom­ing as lit­tle chil­dren may be our best, or only, way out of Hell.  I will let author Charles Upton do the grown-up stuff:

Lucifer rep­re­sents not the descent from Prin­ci­ple into man­i­fes­ta­tion, but the poten­tial, on every lev­el of the onto­log­i­cal hier­ar­chy, for delu­sion, pri­va­tion, and subversion—the con­crete man­i­fes­ta­tion of which, how­ev­er, is only made pos­si­ble by that very descent. As the “light bear­er” he is sym­bol­ic, in his unfall­en mode, of the Nous, the First Intel­lect, the first eter­nal motion of God’s knowl­edge of Him­self as “oth­er.” In his fall­en mode, he sym­bol­izes the pos­si­bil­i­ty of spir­i­tu­al sub­ver­sion and meta­phys­i­cal error on the high­est pos­si­ble level—in terms of the human micro­cosm, the sub­ver­sion the Nous (which appears, in the Qur’an, as the refusal of Eblis to bow down to Adam). The Nous, the Uncre­at­ed Intel­lect with­in man, can­not be sub­vert­ed in its essence, but it most cer­tain­ly can be coun­ter­feit­ed and veiled.

Me, I need a break from intel­lec­tu­al heavy-lift­ing. When­ev­er we use our intel­lect (Nous), we are in dan­ger of falling, like the L‑guy, into the crater cre­at­ed by His impact, after he plum­met­ed like a rock from Heav­en. That orig­i­nal land­ing, in fact (or myth), was the start­ing pis­tol that got the human race running.

But back to the rock (kephas): the eso­teric ver­sion of that child­like say­ing is: Can God Cre­ate a Being So Evil that His Infi­nite Mer­cy Can­not Save Him? The answer to this, as to all conun­drums, is Yes and No (or No and Yes).

Charles Upton is a Moslem and his wife is a Catholic (I spoke to both for The Lim­i­nal­ist recent­ly). When it comes to deci­pher­ing eso­teric Judeo-Chris­t­ian doc­trine, sin­cere­ly and devout­ly, they have the edge on me. Specif­i­cal­ly, Charles’ “The Fall of Lucifer” (includ­ed in Vec­tors of the Counter-Ini­ti­a­tion) is sam­pled below, with occa­sion­al com­men­tary from myself. If you only like pic­tures, skip to the com­ic (click on image for larg­er view).


[E]vil, pri­v­a­tive though it be, does not man­i­fest sim­ply as a kind of weak­ness or lack, but also as attack, sub­ver­sion, and coun­ter­feit.… Hell is not a neu­tral chaos, but an invert­ed order; not a love­less indif­fer­ence, but an active attack upon Love; not a stu­pid imper­me­abil­i­ty to meta­phys­i­cal Truth, but a swift, inge­nious and infer­nal­ly “intel­li­gent” war upon that Truth. As a par­a­site on order, evil forms its own coun­ter­feit order, chaot­ic in essence but nonethe­less mar­shaled into a sem­blance of order through naked power.…

Does any of this sound famil­iar in 2021–2? If this world is a mir­ror for the state of our body, our soul, and the many lay­ers of psy­chic, emo­tion­al, and men­tal obfus­ca­tion (trau­ma) that come between them, then the cur­rent world­wide attack on the human body, by viral and vac­cine bio-weapons, is per­haps only the coars­est and most vis­i­bly malev­o­lent front-line of an orga­nized and ancient attack upon the human soul.

[T]hose who in their spir­i­tu­al life over­ly con­cen­trate on the intel­lec­tive pole, the realm of meta­physics, to the detri­ment of the exis­ten­tial pole … may fool­ish­ly believe that it is rel­a­tive­ly easy … to “rise above” evil, that there is real­ly no such thing as “spir­i­tu­al wicked­ness in high places.” Such com­pla­cen­cy is not derived from true meta­phys­i­cal insight, however—which includes the gift known as “dis­cern­ment of spirits”—but from that state of spir­i­tu­al delu­sion which [reduces] meta­physics to an abstract, aca­d­e­m­ic exer­cise, a par­lor game for peo­ple who want to enter­tain them­selves with reli­gion instead of sav­ing their souls by means of it.…

There can be no evil in the Divine realm; the seeds of evil do exist in the celes­tial realm, but they remain latent since they have no con­text for deploy­ment; it is only in the psy­chic realm that evil actu­al­ly con­stel­lates as a sub­ver­sive force [empha­sis added]. [E]vil only makes its appear­ance at the end of the tra­jec­to­ry of cos­mic manifestation—not at the ulti­mate end, how­ev­er, which is mat­ter, but rather on the psy­chic plane, where “worlds” con­struct­ed with the ego not God as their prox­i­mate cause first become possible.

Trans­la­tion: bad shit begins at the top, but it only real­ly starts to stink once it has moved down the sys­tem, and come out the baby’s bot­tom. It is nec­es­sary that evil come into this would, but woe unto those through whom it comes, and unto those who think their shit doth not stink.

In our recent con­ver­sa­tion, Upton said that Lucifer was eter­nal­ly damned because He made His fatal deci­sion (not to serve God) in eter­ni­ty and not in time. But if Lucifer’s damna­tion, or Fall, came about as a reac­tion against enter­ing into the realm of sep­a­ra­tion, of mat­ter, and of tem­po­ral not eter­nal, phys­i­cal not spir­i­tu­al, real­i­ty, which is the chick­en and which the egg? Does the sin cause the trau­ma, or does the trau­ma cre­ate the sin? Does the intel­lec­tu­al fac­ul­ty come about as a result of egoic sep­a­ra­tion, or is it what makes such sep­a­ra­tion pos­si­ble? Yes, and No.

[T]he eti­ol­o­gy of the fall of Lucifer is, pre­cise­ly, the eti­ol­o­gy of the ego.… That man has a body is not evil, though that body is sub­ject to many evils. That he lives in a mate­r­i­al world is not evil, though mat­ter and mate­r­i­al con­cerns are a heavy veil. The nature and activ­i­ty of the Dev­il must not be sought in these mere facts of earth­ly man’s exis­tence, but in the satan­ic sub­ver­sion of the true sig­nif­i­cance of them. [empha­sis added].

The devil’s great­est trick was to get peo­ple to believe he didn’t exist. And for those he couldn’t fool that way, he gave the tools (intel­lec­tu­al analy­sis, myth­ic imag­ing, high-con­cep­tu­al­iza­tion, even psy­chic inquiry) by which they would attempt to under­stand and do bat­tle with him. To prop­a­gate an end­less cir­cle-jerk of spir­i­tu­al bypassers and dis­place­ment activists, star­ing at goats and prac­tic­ing Mind over Mater, while being slow­ly & inex­ora­by con­sumed by Satan’s diges­tive fluids.


10 thoughts on “The Logical Phallus (Lucifer for Dummies)

  1. Thank you Jasun, ‘spe­cial­ly for the ‘trans­la­tion’ and audio. Your writ­ing far exceeds my intellect.….and yet from our mutu­al cor­re­spon­dence it seems obvi­ous to me we are con­nect­ed out­side the sphere of nous. Only moments pri­or to read­ing and hear­ing your words on this page I wrote you I could­n’t com­ment on a pre­vi­ous post as I felt I was wait­ing for, as you so con­cise­ly said, ‘the mist to turn to rain’. Exact­ly as you put it, it’s not think­ing. Although think­ing may be a prerequisite…there is that old term we used long ago, ‘non-local con­cise­ness’ which still seems to be valid.

  2. p.s. re; Mr Upton’s quote top of the page.…It seems like a lim­it­ing state­ment to dis­miss the mas­ter of the uni­verse as a sep­a­rate enti­ty. Deep stuff

  3. At this moment, I believe God cre­at­ed good, evil and gave us free will to decide our indi­vid­ual paths, mis­takes and repen­tance. Our good deci­sions and shad­ow work w/ repen­tance nudges the bal­ance of our col­lec­tive judge­ment one way or the other.….my apolo­gies for the sep­a­rate posts. It’s very misty here, but only scat­tered showers.

    1. Hi Jasun,
      I so often realise so many ideas that I have nev­er before con­sid­ered when read­ing or lis­ten­ing to the words you share. 

      The causal link between the ego/intellect split of the Orig­i­nal Fall and the trau­ma of the Event itself as a fun­da­men­tal schiz­mo­ge­n­e­sis (to bor­row your word) that set us on a path of end­less iter­a­tions of the same. 

      Your con­ver­sa­tion with Mr Upton made me think for the 1st time of the pos­si­bil­i­ty that the Orig­i­nal Sin/Fall/ Trau­ma and sub­se­quent Lucifer­ian inver­sions of the divine order may even­tu­al­ly lead to an Ulti­mate Repen­tance as ALL eyes shall see the Glo­ry of God. 

      I pray that the world might not be a done deal and that at the moment of Gods choos­ing there might be Mer­cy from a Just and Faith­ful God. 1 John 1:9.

      Thanky­ou for shar­ing your jour­ney and thoughts. and Hap­py New Year (Pray­ing for a Hap­py Eternity).


      Ps. Still lis­ten­ing to 16 Maps . Absolute crack­er of a book. Going to need to order a paper back for ref­er­ence. (So many twist­ing pathways).

      1. hi Blake

        per­haps to the soul emerg­ing, the world is a done deal in the same way the cater­pil­lar is a done deal

  4. NB as always its a case of wise as ser­pents and inno­cent as doves. No short­age of coun­ter­feit wings it seems as we emerge.

  5. To be hon­est the last time I checked out Auti­cul­ture was some­where back in 2020 and Jasun was talk­ing about hol­ly­wood, hell, pedos, etc.
    My wife and I became par­a­lyzed by the anx­i­ety of know­ing all too much about the machi­na­tions of the Sec­ond Matrix. So at the start of 2021 I can­celled my alt-news sub­scrip­tions, ditched my smart­phone and decid­ed that I was only going to focus my ener­gy into solu­tions. Since that deci­sion the fol­low­ing has occurred:
    ‑a three day fast aroused a pri­mal voice from my stom­ach that com­mand­ed me to flee inter­state for the safe­ty of my family.
    ‑as we crossed the bor­der the total­i­tar­i­an-covid­i­an state of New South Wales com­menced oper­a­tion Dra­co right behind us. The hard bor­der com­menced 2 days after we made it out.
    ‑we drove over 3000km to take refuge in a pri­ma­tive off-grid dwelling deep in the for­est in an area I like to call the Texas of Australia.
    ‑as we lay at night with our then 6 month old child and no elec­tric­i­ty or phone sig­nal, being engulfed by nature in total absti­nence of Ahri­man we faced the ter­ror of our own inequities. There was only one way out…
    Repent! The only thing that pre­vent­ed me from hav­ing a total men­tal break­down was the cease­less repetion of the Jesus Prayer. As a for­mer ‘sor­ceror’ I could not believe I was doing this.
    ‑We emerged from this expe­ri­ence into a new life being bap­tised in a local rain­for­est creek and bought a 3 acre prop­er­ty on the edge of a small town.
    ‑Every­day I now work in the gar­den striv­ing toward grow­ing food for my fam­i­ly and com­mu­ni­ty. As I work I pray to God for guid­ance and salvation.
    Fast­foward to today and as I am search­ing for an inter­st­ing blog to read I think ’ I won­der what Jasun is up to nowa­days’. You can imag­ine my surprise/relief as I arrive at the Auti­cul­ture home­page only to be lead here.
    It turns out I’m not crazy and I’m not the only one.
    God bless you Jasun.

    1. I’m in the land of Oz too and it was good to read your jour­ney Dan. Enjoy being in the flow of nature and lis­ten­ing to the rhythms of Heart and Earth.

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