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These meet­ings are cur­rent­ly not tak­ing place. Check back in July-August.


The Sat­ur­day online meet-space is a splic­ing of the old Lim­i­nal­ist pod­cast for­mat with the live Zoom meet­ing place. Inter­ac­tions are record­ed and shared in the con­trib­u­tor sec­tion of this site. Meet­ings cur­rent­ly take place on Zoom around 8 am New York time, 1 pm UK time, 3 pm Finnish time, 10 pm Syd­ney time. These times may change. The only oth­er require­ment for atten­dance is 24 hours sobri­ety before the meet­ing, for first-timers, 48 hours there­after + a work­ing cam­era & microphone.


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For the lazy:

Sat Meet­ings

These are the end times. An evil tide is engulf­ing us, and not only soci­ety but the col­lec­tive soul of this plan­et is going down the toi­let. Satan is mak­ing his last-ditch, des­per­ate, balls-to-the wall play for eter­nal juris­dic­tion over the human soul. Admit­ted­ly, he is falling into God’s long-pre­pared trap by doing so, but not with­out tak­ing a lot of delud­ed souls along with him!


God saves those who save them­selves, so for God’s sake, get saved!


Any­one who has accept­ed the gene-alter­ing mark of the beast mRNA “vac­cine,” and who still believes they did the right thing, that the sci­en­tis­tic nano-tech­noc­ra­cy is their friend and the only way for­ward is by increas­ing sub­servience to Big Moth­er (the super-nan­ny-state), is most prob­a­bly beyond sav­ing. So why beat around a bush that’s already burn­ing? I am con­fi­dent I will find a few pure souls out there will­ing to take the plunge.


If you want to get involved in the soul-sav­ing, set­tle into your­self, send out threads of sen­tience into the satan­ic swamp of enti­ty-infest­ed human ener­gy field, and bring back a name, a num­ber, a face or an aro­ma, and you tell me which souls are call­ing out to be touched.



Do we avoid fac­ing the truth of the soul because we can’t han­dle it, or are we unable to han­dle the truth because we avoid fac­ing it?The answer is that it real­ly doesn’t mat­ter which came first, the phoenix or the fire. All that mat­ters is that, the longer we avoid the truth, the hard­er it becomes to face it, and that even­tu­al­ly, there will be a reck­on­ing.


Because in the end, the only thing that’s left stand­ing is the soul; that, and the truth of what we have done, either to it or with it, in our short time here.


We have been tricked into a world­ly ori­en­ta­tion that requires a denial of the life of the soul.


The very same sys­tem that ter­ror­izes us, offers us its pseu­do-solu­tions to escape the ter­ror. The more those solu­tions fail, the more we keep hang­ing on for bet­ter, upgrad­ed ver­sions of “the cure.” With each nod of assent, we con­sent to the fur­ther col­o­niza­tion of our bod­ies, hearts, and minds, fur­ther reduc­ing our soul’s oppor­tu­ni­ty to make a home here.


Get­ting free from the satan­ic sys­tem of the world depends on free­ing our nat­ur­al psy­cho­so­mat­ic sys­tem from the satan­ic intro­jec­tion of the world. 


It requires can­celling every last one of our invest­ments in the sur­ro­gate, coun­ter­feit sup­port sys­tem of our minds and bod­ies, and return­ing to the only sys­tem that can actu­al­ly sup­port us: the soul and the spirit.


Enthralled to a sys­tem that wants our last drop of blood, semen, and life essence in return, we can hold out hope that, some­how, the mir­a­cle will even­tu­al­ly hap­pen, AI, the Aliens, or the New Age Old Ones will come, and our lives will final­ly be sort­ed out, by out­side authorities.


Hope that’s based in unfound­ed & exter­nal­ly incept­ed fears keeps us bound.


Free­dom, retriev­ing the soul from Hell, means relin­quish­ing every last hope and belief, in order to gain access—and become accessible—to reality.


What does the total aban­don­ment of all false hope feel like? To the mind, it feels exact­ly like despair. To the soul, it feels like life!


The bridge between those two appar­ent oppo­sites is that, only by los­ing all hope of being res­cued by the sys­tem, inner and out­er, can we be ful­ly lib­er­at­ed from of our fears of the sys­tem, and enter into the un-sys­tem-ized eter­nal life of the soul.




The Sat April 9th meet was on the Nature of Evil, Nat­ur­al Evil Vs. Anti-Nat­ur­al “Good” Pos­i­tive Destruc­tion, the Ter­ri­ble Allure or Preda­tors and the essen­tial­i­ty of the Shad­ow inte­gra­tion (whole­ness).


Inspired by a recent 2‑part doc­u­men­tary on Jim­my Sav­ile, I am tak­ing a brief tour down my own per­son­al mem­o­ry lane (occult­ed York­shire) and into the col­lec­tive karmic quag­mire of our shared com­plic­i­ty on the night­mare called his­to­ry. When the train of soci­ety is about to wreck it’s time to get off no mat­ter how break­neck the leap is like­ly to be. You have, after all is said and done, the after­life and the eter­nal soul to think of! This will be an inter­ac­tive explo­ration of what in some ways is the most urgent human mys­tery of all, how and why did we go so hor­ri­bly wrong, what’s the worst it can actu­al­ly get (or is), and how to walk the razor’s edge between nihilis­ti­cal­ly embrac­ing evil, lib­er­al­ly deny­ing it exists, or moral­is­ti­cal­ly con­demn­ing it with­out empa­thy or under­stand­ing. None of these roads leads to free­dom, so what is the “fourth way” (no ref to CGG)


Notes from ear­li­er meet:


Who am I? How did I get here? Where am I going? What am I here for?


How will it all end?


Have I fol­lowed my soul’s pur­pose, or only an old por­poise? How will it all look, once the dust of delu­sion has set­tled, and only the raw, naked truth and con­se­quences of my deci­sions is revealed?


If God is the only one here, then what the Hell does “I” think it is doing?


Just how bad is the infor­ma­tion we have been get­ting?


How far have we crept from our orig­i­nal mis­sion? And is there any way to course cor­rect, before the bombs start falling?


Ever won­der why the pur­suit of hap­pi­ness seems to only per­pet­u­ate more mis­ery?


Is it because, like old Mick, what’s pur­su­ing hap­pi­ness can nev­er get it, because it secret­ly thrives on dissatisfaction?


There’s some­thing inside us that doesn’t belong there.


Is the aver­age spir­i­tu­al seek­er so dif­fer­ent from the aver­age hap­pi­ness-pur­su­ing hedo­nist or drug addict? Aren’t we all rid­den by the same dia­bol­ic interloper?


We want to escape men­tal, emo­tion­al and phys­i­cal dis­com­fort, to get off this Satan­ic plan­et before we have even arrived, but there’s a self-per­pet­u­at­ing para­dox of paral­y­sis at work: when we can’t han­dle real­i­ty we seek to escape it through fan­ta­sy, dis­trac­tion, and dis­so­ci­a­tion (or med­i­ta­tion), and so our real­i­ty gets pro­gres­sive­ly wors­er and wors­er. Look around at the world if you doubt it.


At root of this con­tra­dic­to­ry con­di­tion is the false iden­ti­ty and the legion of unclean spir­its that cre­at­ed it. Like an elec­tric trip-wire mesh around the soul, it is there to cause intol­er­a­ble dis­com­fort when­ev­er our aware­ness gets too close to it (the soul), but also to get us to kick against the pricks of that chick­en coop, with all the con­ster­na­tion and self-pity we can muster.


It pro­vokes a defi­ant refusal to tol­er­ate dis­com­fort, ensur­ing that we flinch, squirm, wrig­gle, recoil, con­tract, and retract (and redact), away from awak­en­ing, each time it threat­ens to real­ly hap­pen.


Flip this over and what do you get: the suf­fer­ing of the false iden­ti­ty is good for the Soul!?


Hap­pi­ness, con­ceived by the mind and the emo­tions, is not to be pur­sued, but relin­quished and renounced, as a self-cen­tered, satan­i­cal­ly implant­ed illu­sion that tells us we can live for­ev­er and get every­thing we ever want­ed, if we only bow down to It.


Don’t do it! Just Say No to Nar­cis­sus.


Sit tight in the desert of the real and wait, patient­ly, excru­ci­at­ing­ly, for awak­en­ing and all its appar­ent ago­nies to come, gen­tly, like Jesus-the-hit­man in the night.


“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not trou­bled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. Nation will rise against nation, and king­dom against king­dom. There will be famines and earth­quakes in var­i­ous places. All these are the begin­ning of birth pains. Then they will deliv­er you over to be per­se­cut­ed and killed, and you will be hat­ed by all nations because of My name. At that time many will fall away and will betray and hate one anoth­er, and many false prophets will arise and mis­lead many. Because of the mul­ti­pli­ca­tion of wicked­ness, the love of most will grow cold. But the one who per­se­veres to the end will be saved.…

“Two men will be in the field: one will be tak­en and the oth­er left. Two women will be grind­ing at the mill: one will be tak­en and the oth­er left. There­fore keep watch, because you do not know the day on which your Lord will come.”



Bust­ing a move from satan­ic sys­tem depen­den­cy to reliance on the land can gen­er­ate some anx­i­ety. Even think­ing about how steep the learn­ing curve is like­ly to be can be rough-going. In fact, think­ing about it is the hard­est part.

My whole life has been a con­fused but com­mit­ted quest to guide oth­ers towards the exit that I myself am seek­ing. Act­ing as a bea­con for lost souls in the dark satan­ic waters of sam­sara has pre­sent­ed an ongo­ing chal­lenge for me to hon­est­ly rep­re­sent my own lost-ness while help­ing oth­ers to find their way.

If I didn’t know which way is in and which way is out, if I didn’t have some con­fi­dence about how to extri­cate myself from Ahri­man­ic enmesh­ment, I would nev­er have the cojones to offer guid­ance or inspi­ra­tion to any­one else. But if I over­reach or exag­ger­ate my posi­tion on the sal­va­tion scale (or pre­tend that I even know it), that’s the surest means to lose my own way, and so lead oth­ers astray.

Oh dilem­ma! For­tu­nate­ly, the soul is there to straight­en the gate and widen the way. And with or with­out our camels, we will all get to meet at the Eye of that Needle.

One way or anoth­er, the Big Squeeze is com­ing. We can either push our courage to the stink­ing place, and let God remold the clay of our souls into a suit­able ves­sel. Or we can sit tight in our matric­u­lar pods, in com­fort­able con­ve­nience, and let Ahri­man grind us into nano-par­ti­cles for Lucifer’s big-motherboard.

Yes, the learn­ing curve is steep; but sure­ly that’s bet­ter than a spir­i­tu­al flat-line?

The way to increase your com­pe­ten­cy is sim­ple: be will­ing to have repeat expe­ri­ences of your incom­pe­tence, and an ongo­ing series of con­fi­dence crises. (In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s life!) The good news is that, as the false iden­ti­ty slow­ly and inex­orably faces up to its utter inca­pac­i­ty to nav­i­gate eter­ni­ty, the soul gen­tly moves in, and takes over the controls.


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