ESET Meeting # 1: Back to the Vaginal Forge

The audio of this event (2 hrs 15 mins) is avail­able here (for con­trib­u­tors only).

The “Exit Strate­gies in the End Times” meet­ing of Mon­day Oct 4th, “Let’s Get the Hell Back to the Vagi­na, Through It & Out the Oth­er Side to be Born Again in the Blood of Jesus (Not Ed Gein; See the 16th Map of Hell for the deep back­ground on that),” start­ed on YouTube & then moved over to Zoom. The meet was 4 hours in total; the audio is a lit­tle over 2 hours and con­sists only of my own “teach­ings” (free-asso­ci­a­tions), & does not include any of the inter­ac­tions that hap­pened along­side them.

The first 41 min­utes is on YT:

This is the copy for the event, from two Newslet­ters lead­ing up to it: 

In this meet­ing, I will address the following:

1) Why you need to start plan­ning your exit from soci­ety right now.
2) Why you should lis­ten to me telling you to do it, and how.
3) How the tech­noc­rac­tic mono­ma­ni­acs social­ly engi­neer­ing a night­mare dystopia out of your life regard you as no bet­ter than live­stock ~ but only as long as that’s how you act (“Arti­fi­cial Selec­tion Process? You’re Cur­rent­ly In It”)
4) How being trapped in your mind makes real­i­ty seem unre­al, and get­ting back to real­i­ty will expose the emper­or’s wib­bly-wob­blies, and your mind as the ulti­mate simulation.
5) What’s on the oth­er side of the exit and how to make your own quince cheese with noth­ing but a mem­bril­lo tree, an oven, and some sugar.

Stuff like that. Here’s a teas­er of things to come (tho also a blast from the past, a bit of old-style Hell-map­ping for my YT strag­glers), com­plete with clue as to why I am still doing penance for a fam­i­ly inher­i­tance made fat on pack­aged food products):

The abil­i­ty to laugh in the face of the tru­ly awful depths of our cur­rent (and ancient) social real­i­ty is nec­es­sary if we are to keep on look­ing, and keep on mov­ing, through it & to the oth­er side. How many of us have the stom­ach for it? That’s cur­rent­ly what we are get­ting to find out.

As time runs out for the human race, as the Big Squeeze con­tin­ues unabat­ed, unman­dat­ed, & out­side of all moral or legal bounds, the ques­tion becomes ever more urgent­ly unavoidable—what are we going to do with the time remaining?

And even as soci­ety is look­ing less and less fit for human habi­ta­tion, so the internet’s days appear to be num­bered, for those of us not will­ing to be remold­ed in Jeff Bezos’, Mark Zuckerberg’s, Bill Gates’ and Ray Kurtzweil’s image, or to goose-step to Al Gore’s rhythms into the Gulags of Gutenberg.

One result of the fast-dimin­ish­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties is that both Dave & I are upping the ante and rais­ing the stakes for online meet­ings, as well as pulling out all stops, checks, & bounds, regard­ing what can or should be said. There is no time for polit­i­cal, social, cul­tur­al, famil­ial or spir­i­tu­al cor­rect­ness. Do you think Noah, Lot, or Moses wor­ried about cre­at­ing safe spaces for peo­ple to hear what they had to say?! If they had, there would­n’t be any safe spaces left. And soon, there may not be.

The next free Dave event, ergo, is called “You Are Our Only Hope,” on Sat Oct 9, 3 pm UK time. Book it here, & now, or risk eter­nal teeth-gnash­ing as human­i­ty goes down Ahriman’s tube and is uncer­e­mo­ni­ous­ly demot­ed to the ranks of Satan’s gal­ley slaves.

End quote.

PS. After my dig at Mark Zucker­berg, Face­borg went offline for around 6 hours, start­ing at 11:40 ET, about 40 mins into this meet­ing, or right when we moved from YT to Zoom. An old friend tweet­ed: Zucker­berg 0 Hors­ley 1 (y)


2 thoughts on “ESET Meeting # 1: Back to the Vaginal Forge

  1. I did a lot of ren­o­va­tions & bram­ble clear­ing dur­ing my time at the cas­tle. While it’s messy & some­times over-whelm­ing, the feel­ing of sat­is­fac­tion when some­thing is com­plet­ed is so sat­is­fy­ing — If mem­o­ry. serves, it was you & your wife who did all the ren­o­va­tions at the house in Hope, right?

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