The Road of the Soul (Invitation to a Meeting)

Dear Soul-in-Jeop­ardy!

I am reduc­ing my 1:1 rate to 30 euro an hour. I am offer­ing free 1‑hr 1:1s to any­one who wants to par­tic­i­pate in Dave Oshana events. See below for full story.

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a newslet­ter about soul-pur­pose and suf­fer­ing. It basi­cal­ly said, if you are suf­fer­ing, then you aren’t liv­ing your soul-pur­pose, so your life becomes all about suf­fer­ing. So how do you know you are liv­ing your pur­pose? Because you aren’t suffering!

This may be an unpalat­able mes­sage for some, and so I will fill in a few miss­ing parts. The Soul’s pur­pose is very dif­fer­ent from the mind’s sense of hav­ing a pur­pose. If you think you have a pur­pose, you are prob­a­bly wrong. Soul-pur­pose can’t be thought about, it can only be lived.

A few months ago, I wrote a newslet­ter about all the lit­tle box­es of mean­ing and antic­i­pa­tion we com­part­men­tal­ize our lives into. As a child, open­ing the next win­dow on my Advent Cal­en­dar, count­ing the presents under the tree, wait­ing for the next Spi­der­man com­ic or the next episode of “The Six Mil­lion Dol­lar Man,” all these things gave me men­tal sense of pur­pose. They gave me hope. But they were all just distractions.

Now here’s the worst part: Most people’s ideas of “spir­i­tu­al progress” are real­ly no more than two-dimen­sion­al win­dows in a card­board calendar.

Soul-pur­pose means find­ing out who you are and becom­ing it, becom­ing it by liv­ing it. Where there is a men­tal sense of pur­pose, there also is a deep black pot­hole in the Road of the Soul. Any pur­pose the mind pro­vides has its dark side. It is there to hide the sense of futil­i­ty caused by being cut off from the Soul.

This makes it real­ly only anoth­er form of addic­tion and dis­trac­tion: because what the mind gives, the mind taketh away again. The mind cre­ates a pur­pose and ful­fills it, only to be faced with the same empti­ness all over again, unto death, and beyond.

This is where men­tal suf­fer­ing is com­ple­men­tary with find­ing and fol­low­ing your Soul’s pur­pose: let­ting the Soul lead means not let­ting the mind get what it wants. For the mind, the Soul is Satan him­self, the destroy­er of worlds, the accuser of inau­then­tic­i­ty and empti­ness. Why? Because the mind is Satan: the enti­ty that has occu­pied the space where your Soul was sup­posed to go.

For the soul to enter, then, the mind must go—to Hell.

TL;DR: while you will suf­fer if you don’t live your soul’s pur­pose, being will­ing to start liv­ing your soul’s pur­pose isn’t an instant get-out-of-Hell free card, but the reverse: it requires a will­ing­ness and abil­i­ty to endure real suf­fer­ing, the suf­fer­ing of a mind going cold turkey. It requires enter­ing a dark­ness dark enough for the faint and dis­tant light of your Soul to be glimpsed. Why? Because all the fake lights and baubles we have used to keep that dark­ness away, pre­vent us from see­ing the true light of the Soul.

All this is meant to inspire you: to take a risk that you would not nor­mal­ly take, and to there­by have a chance at hav­ing a real chance. What sort of chance? Reach out and find out.

I am reduc­ing my 1:1 rate to 30 euro an hour. I am offer­ing free 1‑hr 1:1s to any­one who wants to par­tic­i­pate in Dave Oshana events.

I have been telling you for years that Dave’s thing is the real thing, and that the option of tak­ing part in it was slow­ly but sure­ly van­ish­ing. Mon­ey is not enough to gain access to it, far from it. To par­tic­i­pate you can­not choose, you must be chosen.

Think about it for a moment and you may see that this makes it essen­tial­ly the per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty for any­one with cojones and a true com­mit­ment to change. Why? Because if you are able to gain access, then it is vir­tu­al­ly guar­an­teed that you belong there.

OK, true, you may still bot­tom out, and peo­ple do all the time. It is TOUGH-GOING, and only the tough get to go there. But aren’t you just a lit­tle bit curi­ous to find out if you have what it takes? For this rea­son (because I am curi­ous), I am cur­rent­ly vol­un­teer­ing as the gate­keep­er to Dave’s thing. To get to Dave you have to get past me! (Hey St. Peter, where you going with that pen in your hand?)

Con­tact me ASAP for a half-price 1:1, or for a free 1:1 to (maybe) join a Dave event.


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