ESET Meeting # 1: Back to the Vaginal Forge

The audio of this event (2 hrs 15 mins) is avail­able here (for con­trib­u­tors only). The “Exit Strate­gies in the End Times” meet­ing of Mon­day Oct 4th, “Let’s Get the Hell Back to the Vagi­na, Through It & Out the Oth­er Side to be Born Again in the Blood of Jesus (Not Ed Gein; See theCon­tin­ue read­ing “ESET Meet­ing # 1: Back to the Vagi­nal Forge”

Goodbye Cruel World (Welcome to Land Made Life)

Back when I still used Face­borg, I was so divid­ed that every oth­er post I made was about how crap Face­borg was and how it was time to quit. Mixed mes­sages aren’t as tasty as mixed sal­ads, so in the end I chose to be the medi­um and not the mes­sage, and become the changeCon­tin­ue read­ing “Good­bye Cru­el World (Wel­come to Land Made Life)”